marine wildlife

A crown-of-thorns starfish in the Maldives
Getting rid of predators such as crown-of-thorns starfish helps corals overcome bleaching.
Bowhead whale surfacing
BBC Wildlife expert Stuart Blackman answers your wild question.
In Spain's Granada province Iberian ibex are skilled climbers capable of jumping over canyons, sheltering on tiny ledges and walking on sharp ridges. Photographer Ugo Mellone spent time documenting (and trying to keep up with) these wild goats. 
A flame shell on a maerl bed with red and green seaweeds
Conservationists hope rare flame shell seabeds can be returned to their natural state after damage caused by dredging. 
An area of ocean twice the size of India hosts an astonishing array of marine animals and is vital to life in the Indo-Pacific. Wildlife filmmaker Ellen Husain has dived the reefs of the Coral Triangle. 
Whale shark
Discover more about the incredible diversity of sharks of the volanic archipelago.
Up to 10 vaquitas (rare porpoises) could be captured by conservationists with the help of dolphins. 
A recently discovered coral reef system off the Brazilian coast has been photographed. 
Dead Antarctic minke whale on Japanese ship
Photos allegedly show a Japanese vessel with a dead minke whale inside an Australian whale sanctuary.
Dahlia anemone
The offshore area in Dorset will be considered by Natural England for protection from damaging activities.
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