Sperm whale carcass washed up on isle of Texel
Teams of international scientists and experts from around Europe have worked together to discover the cause.
© Irene Mendez Cruz
The Caribbean and Pacific coasts of Panama are two ecosystems only a few miles apart, and are a paradise for divers. Irene Mendez Cruz has been photographing the beautiful, diverse and fragile marine life there. 
Waves on Khalaktyrsky Beach on the Avachinsky Bay coast
The UK has around 17,800 km (11,000 miles) of coastline. That's about the length of 420 marathon races. With World Oceans Day taking place on 8th June, what can you do to get ocean-friendly?
Look out for bottlenose dolphins
Ferry travel can be an easy and convenient way to get to your holiday destination - offering ample leisure time during the journey and the chance to hopefully spot some wonderful wildlife! 
A brittlestar, known scientifically as Ophiothrix fragilis
Marine biologist Matt Doggett answers your wild question. 
Marine iguanas are an iconic species of the Galápagos Islands
Zoologist Amy MacLeod answers your wild question. 
Researchers have discovered worrying results following a series of climatic changes in 2016.
Pollutants found in deep-sea amphipod crustaceans
Scientists have discovered high levels of harmful chemicals at the bottom of the ocean, many years after their production on land has ceased.
A humpback whale checks out Shetland naturalist Richard Shucksmith.
Two Shetland naturalists never expected this extraordinary discovery in November 2016. Amy-Jane Beer reports.
Friendliest whales in the world? Tourists meet a grey whale in Baja California
Discover some of the top places on Earth to see a magnificent leviathan.
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