The National Trust is in the process of releasing 150 water voles at Holnicote Estate in Somerset.
Can a warning system reduced Tasmanian devil roadkill?
How do we protect wildlife from being killed or injured on our busy roads?
Predation is not an important driver of Rothschild's giraffe grouping
Research on Rothschild's giraffe group sizes show that they buck the trend.
New research finds that animals are becoming more nocturnal
Animals around the world are becoming more nocturnal in response to the presence of humans.
Barbary macaques are thriving on the Rock of Gibraltar. But is there enough space for both people and monkeys?
The luna moth Actias luna was one of the silk moth species studied
Researchers studying silk moths have found that the shape of their hindwings contributes to their survival. 
Radiocarbon dating of ‘antique’ ivory being sold in European countries reveals that many are not antique at all. 
Timber wolves (a subspecies of grey wolf) in Germany (captive animals)
New research suggests that large fenced reserves could be the answer to wolf reintroduction in Scotland.
Giraffes walking through the savannah in the Masai Mara
We've teamed up with the Giraffe Conservation Foundation to bring you fascinating facts about this iconic African mammal. 
Grey squirrel
They may be one of the most common garden critters in the UK, but squirrels are remarkable rodents. Here are ten things you need to know about these bushy-tailed acrobrats.
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