conservation news

The Polynesian ground-dove was once widespread in the Pacific
Removal of non-native animals has allowed birds to thrive on remote islands. 
Cornish beaver among lily pads in its new home
After being hunted to extinction in the UK 400 years ago, beavers are back in Cornwall. 
Snake fungal disease has been found in wild grass snakes in the UK
Europe’s snakes could face a growing threat from killer pathogens. 
A green sea turtle, listed as Endangered on the IUCN Red List
Marine turtles are being killed by tropical prawn trawls, which export to the UK, despite a method existing to reduce their capture 
A water vole swims away after being released in Kielder Forest
The largest ever reintroduction of water voles in the UK is taking place in Northumberland. 
Godwit post release at WWT Welney
Rare wading birds have been released into the Cambridgeshire Fens after being raised in captivity.
The Global Seed Bank is located in Svalbard
Millions of seeds in ‘Doomsday’ vault safe after permafrost melts 
A flame shell on a maerl bed with red and green seaweeds
Conservationists hope rare flame shell seabeds can be returned to their natural state after damage caused by dredging. 
Ximena Velez-Liendo from Bolivia undertaking fieldwork
The ‘Green Oscars’ celebrate the vital work of six conservationists.
Black-tailed godwit chick in the wild
Eggs collected from the wild from rare wading birds have now hatched in captivity.
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