conservation news

A crown-of-thorns starfish in the Maldives
Getting rid of predators such as crown-of-thorns starfish helps corals overcome bleaching.
The hedgehog had become trapped in the drainpipe
The hog found herself stuck in her hiding place.
The northern bottlenose whale was close to the Northumberland shore
The deep-water whale species was seen and videoed in the North Sea.
Biological recorders out at Little Thairn and Muckle Thairn in Berwickshire
The NBN Awards celebrates biological recording in the UK.
Pink salmon in Alaska
Scientists fear pink, or humpback, salmon could have a negative impact on native Atlantic species.
Asian hornet
A beekeeper spotted the non-native species at an apiary. 
An estimated 60 per cent of all global biodiversity loss can be attributed to the food we eat and how we produce it - but are wildlife conservationists doing enough to highlight this critical issue?
Jaguars are one of the cat species being tracked by the dogs
Sniffer dogs are tracking the movements of wild felines.
Gannet chick in nest which incorporates plastic
Study finds that almost three-quarters of examined species had ingested plastic.
The Humboldt's flying squirrel has been defined as a separate species
Scientists discover new species of flying squirrel in North America, despite it being studied it for over two centuries.
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