New research points to a genetic reason for the fact that Javan lutung monkeys cannot taste sugar.
The cygnet had swallowed the fishing hook and line
The young swan was tangled in angling equipment in South Yorkshire.
The Spix's macaw is now considered to be Extinct in the Wild
Experts recommend that the eight birds should be added to the list of extinct species.
Indigenous leaders summit in Bogotá
Indigenous leaders and elders call for unity to protect the Amazon, and the planet.
Cecil the lion
The BBC's documentary on trophy-hunting did not provide all possible views on the importance of wildlife as part of an ecosystem, says Catherine Bearder, MEP.
Yellow-breasted bunting
This bunting species is now listed as Critically Endangered and faces an extremely high risk of extinction. 
Writer, producer and conservationist Mary Colwell reveals amazing facts about the world's curlews. 
A Eurasian otter eating an eel in Northumberland
An item on on BBC One's Countryfile in early 2017 suggested there is growing pressure from anglers to cull otters, but Dr Daniel Allen of the UK Wild Otter Trust disagrees.
Gamo Highlands
As natural forests are lost, coffee and timber plantations could provide hope for Lepidoptera. 
Foraging mongoose
Researchers have discovered that mongooses could have a reduced response to warning signals due to cars. 
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