Orange-tip butterfly egg
Discover how to find and identify eggs of five common butterfly species.
Heath fritillary numbers dropped by 27 per cent
Majority of UK butterfly species are declining despite 2016's warm summer.
Large blue butterfly
A Bristol man has been found guilty of illegally catching and killing the UK’s rarest butterfly.
Green Hairstreak butterfly
Green butterflies (and moths) are rare across the globe, but why? Entomologist, and BBC Wildlife contributor, Richard Jones answers your wild question.
Gamo Highlands
As natural forests are lost, coffee and timber plantations could provide hope for Lepidoptera. 
Small heath butterfly
Long-term study reveals the negative pressure of urban environments on butterfly populations. 
Large blue butterfly
A man has appeared in court and charged with capturing, killing and possessing the UK’s rarest butterfly species. 
Willow Tit
The combination of climate change and habitat loss is proving too much for some birds and butterflies. 
Mullein moth caterpillar
Zoologist and author Jules Howard answers your wild question.
Results from the UK citizen science study, Big Butterfly Count 2017, have painted a concerning and somewhat puzzling picture of the state of Britain’s butterflies. 
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