British wildlife

Black bee-fly discovered in the UK for the first time
An amateur entomologist has discovered a black-bee fly in his garden. 
Sunrise over bluebells in Warwickshire
We asked conservation organisations and BBC Wildlife readers for their favourite bluebell locations.
Your wild question answered by entomologist Richard Jones.
Nightingale singing in a tree
Slightly larger than a robin, the nightingale is well-known for its lilting, beautiful song but can be surprisingly hard to spot. 
These invasive non-native species are causing harm to environments and native wildlife.
Find out about some invasive non-native species that could cause big problems if they become established. 
Chris Lowe reaches down to cut the rope
Volunteers free tangled cetacean from fishing gear off Devon.    
Short-beaked common dolphin
Annual citizen science event sees its highest ever number of sightings.
Large blue butterfly
A Bristol man has been found guilty of illegally catching and killing the UK’s rarest butterfly.
Your wild question answered by Jake Stone - a terrestial mollusc expert at the John Innes Centre.
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