The luna moth Actias luna was one of the silk moth species studied
Researchers studying silk moths have found that the shape of their hindwings contributes to their survival. 
A new study shows that a species of bat depends on singing as a key method of courtship.
Science writer Stuart Blackman discusses the role of these flying mammals in pest control.
Natterer's bat – its broad wings enable it to fly slowly
A new project to detect and identify bats in real time is trialled by scientists. 
Pipistrellus pipistrellus
A technology that has traditionally been used by the emergency services, thermal imaging, is now being employed to help the UK’s plummeting bat population. 
A greater horseshoe bat about to take flight in a cave in Somerset, UK.
New research calls for more action to protect bats from traffic. 
Vampire bat
New research reveals how vampire bats share their bloody meals to expand their social network.
Greater horseshoe bat
When temperatures plummet the UK’s bats adopt a range of survival strategies. 
Discover how animals use echolocation to navigate, hunt, identify other species and avoid obstacles. 
Jamaican fruit bat flying at night
BBC Wildlife contributor Karen Emslie answers your wild question. 
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