Red-thighed horned tree frog
New findings spawn uncertainty over risk to amphibians.
Common toad, Bufo bufo, adult in grass meadow, Yorkshire, UK.
Expert Jules Howard answers your wild question
Scientists reveal how a particular species of Amazonian frog is able to hide in plain sight through a very unusual form of camouflage.
A citizen-science study has found that one of Britain’s best-loved amphibians may soon be a rare sight. 
Common frog
Have you seen a frog or a toad? Pat Morris explains how you can tell them apart. 
Common toad
Protect the sleepy frogs, toads and newts hidden away in your garden this winter.
Local people are taught how to survey amphibians.
Find out why researchers are studying and swabbing amphibians in Nyungwe Forest National Park, Rwanda. 
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