New whale exhibition opens this summer

A family-friendly cetacean event at London’s Natural History Museum (NHM) will celebrate the arrival of a blue whale skeleton. 

© Casson Mann

An exciting exhibition called Whales will mark the debut of a blue whale skeleton, which is going to hang in the museum’s Hintze Hall from July.

Visitors will be able to view and compare more than 100 behind the scenes specimens from the museum’s research collection and discover how whales are adapted for life in the ocean.

“Scientists are researching our cetacean collection to uncover the mysteries of these enigmatic creatures and monitor and predict changes in their habitats,” said NHM director Sir Michael Dixon.  

“The specimens on show are part of the world’s greatest resource for understanding the ecology and behaviour of whales.”

The 25.2m whale skeleton in the Hintze Hall is from a female blue whale which was found in 1891, weighing 4.5 tonnes.

She is taking the place of Dippy, a plastercast skeleton of a Diplodocus that has stood in the Hintze Hall for 35 years.

Dippy was removed from the hall in January, and is being repaired and conserved before beginning a two-year tour of the UK in February 2018. 


Find out how Dippy the Diplodocus was dismantled and look out for a future BBC Horizon program which is documenting the transformation of Hintze Hall


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