Nestbox success

Local Patch Reporter Jonathan Proud is having a productive spring with his nestboxes, both on his local patch and in his garden.

Blue tit eggs
Blut tit eggs © Jonathan Proud


“In January I made some small nestboxes. Of the five with 28mm holes we put up in Allerthorpe Common nature reserve, three are now occupied. A member of the Allerthorpe volunteer group is a BTO bird ringer, so he’s checking the boxes, but I was able to accompany him last week. He stuffs a cloth in the hole before opening the box, so any sitting bird cannot fly off.

"A disturbed great tit is likely to abandon the nest, so if the box is occupied he just shuts it again, removes the cloth and quietly moves away.  I photographed a clutch of a dozen blue tit eggs in one of the boxes, in a beautifully constructed nest decorated with orange and green wool.

Another of the new boxes is in my garden and also occupied by a blue tit, currently incubating eggs. The bird was in when I tried to inspect the box, so I just closed the lid again and withdrew quietly." Jonathan Proud

Watch Jonathan’s blue tit nestbox video: 


Read Jonathan’s wildlife blog. 

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